Accumulated reception in Maple & GinkgoEcotourism Scenic Area

October 28, 2022

1325Person time


Proportion of tourists in the province

October 2022

35291 Person time


Proportion of tourists outside the province


328697 Person time


Proportion of overseas tourists

About Us

Located in Lamo Village, Chehe Town, Nandan County, Hechi City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Longbox Gai Fengxing Ecological Tourism Scenic Spot is 15 kilometers away from Hechi Airport, 27 kilometers away from Nandan Railway Station, and about 6 kilometers away from the G75 Lanhai Highway, with convenient transportation. With an altitude of 700-1200 meters and an average annual temperature of 16.5℃, it is an ideal summer resort. It is a scenic spot integrating nature sightseeing, homeschool vacation, agricultural tourism experience, science popularization research and other functions.


The Bai Ku Yao is recognized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization as the most complete ethnic group in terms of cultural preservation, known as the “living fossil of human civilization”. Bai Ku Yao is a branch of the Yao ethnic group, self proclaimed as “Buno”. Due to men wearing knee length white pants, he is called “Bai Ku Yao”
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