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Caryophyllus Forest Road

Bamboo character, forest elegance, into the bamboo forest, appreciate its green, appreciate its God, appreciate its hope. Deep in the misty clouds of bamboo incense, you can listen attentively to the fine wind, stirring up the gentle singing of bamboo leaves, like gently playing the strings of a violin, showing all the tenderness. In the bamboo forest, the winding bamboo roots cling tightly to the soil, the stones in the forest are covered with moss, and the air is filled with the fragrance of bamboo. Wandering in the depths of the bamboo forest, or sit alone and think silently, or leisurely walk the bamboo sea view, sunshine through the bamboo leaves wanton sprinkled on the body, the mottled light and shadow along with the shaking of the bamboo forest and shake, when the wind blows the bamboo leaves ring, the mood of singing the side of the light song and“flying bamboo leaves”like artful.

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