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Ecological landscape

The ecological landscape of the scenic area includes red maple forest, ginkgo forest, peach forest, persimmon forest, and various flowers and plants, making it a huge natural leisure oxygen bar with colorful and colorful colors throughout the year. The ecological environment of the scenic area is excellent, with a large area of forests and countryside serving as a paradise for birds and a granary for bees. The maple and ginkgo forests that cover the mountains and fields are a major feature of the scenic area, and since ancient times, both maple and ginkgo trees have the beauty of conquering the West and China. They can be appreciated for their leaves and shapes, and their colors and postures change with the seasons. Every spring and summer, various flowers bloom and compete to bloom, adding color to the endless green mountains surrounding them; Every autumn and winter, maple and ginkgo leaves bloom all over the mountains and fields along the way. The flames are colorful and scorching, making it even more poetic among the high mountains and forests filled with red clouds.


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